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Whether you are a first-time buyer, current home owner or real-estate investor, I believe we all have a common interest that drove you to be here and reading this.

You are possibly looking into having some questions and queries on your property plans.

Whether it is a HDB flat, an Executive Condo, a private condo, a landed or commercial property, I believe you would like to have one (or another one) that you can call it *yours faithfully*.

It is indeed my quest to be able to assist you accordingly. So come, lets have #coffeeteaorproperty with me.

Yours Faithfully,
Rozi Faith Naser

My Faithful Clients Speak

Join these happy faces to have homes you can call Yours Faithfully

and just a little more about me

Rozi Faith Naser


Her love and passion for real estate is infectious. Have faith that she will go all out to serve you in the best of your interest

And you will know what the statements above truly mean when you speak to Rozi Faith. She had served clients from all market segmentations – HDB, Condo, Landed, Commercial, Industrial even Yards (read: Shipping industry)!

Before being a full-time Real Estate Professional, Rozi Faith had been working with a wide array of entities, ranging from the government agencies to global MNCs and high-performing corporate companies.  Her experience in the ministries and statutory boards was an exciting one as at only 27, she was Assistant Director (Learning & Development and Travel Management), at Vital Centre For Shared Services, Ministry of Finance. She championed Process Improvements throughout government agencies, had the chance to write policy papers, championed Outsourcing Initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility. When she was at Singapore Aviation Academy, she was responsible for growing training engagements & revenue both in Singapore and overseas, and she was also exposed to international relations. This was where she had the chance to travel and meet people from all over the world especially the Middle East, and different parts of Asia.

Today, for once or twice a week, Rozi Faith is also an Associate Lecturer at Republic Polytechnic where she has the experience of lecturing Service Quality & Professional Etiquette, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Customer Relations & Management Systems, Strategic Thinking & Systems, as well as Cognitive Processes & Thinking Skills. She also loves directing and giving consultancy advice for events on ad-hoc basis.

Very few people know that she began her work-life as an educator in two renowned schools under the employment of Ministry of Education, Singapore. This is arising from her fond memories as she had studied in top schools like Crescent Girls’ School and National Junior College, graduating within top 20% of her cohort each time. She then graduated from the National University of Singapore, and her Post-Graduate Diploma in Education was at the Nanyang Technological University. She also possesses an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology & Communications, University of Cambridge.

Since she started working, Rozi Faith had the chance to travel on her various jobs and learnt form companies as far as those in the Silicon Valley of India. She also went through meaningful training programmes like the UniSim Management Programme, Leading Through Crucial Conversations, Six Sigma Methodologies, Business Process Reengineering, Project Management, Behavioural Indicators For Development Needs, Preparing Policy Papers And Conveying Changes, Conducting Structured Recruitment Interviews (Competency Approach), Coaching & Mentoring, Risk-Based Performance Management & ISO Auditor Training.

It was in end 2011 that Rozi Faith decided to sell her first property which was then an EA that had reached MOP. It was also then that she decided to learn (formally) on what a Real Estate Salesperson (RES) would do to sell and buy a property. She took the RES examination even though she did not intend to get a license to work as one. After going through the sale of her EA, she still had no intention to be one but was definitely keen to invest in properties.

It was only in late 2016 that she finally became one. Her determined eagerness to relate to others how one or more property/ies can be Yours Faithfully is simply amazing. Experience for yourself to believe the dedicated, faithful, service.